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We offer the very best low cost prefabricated modular building. We design, built and deliver Philippines wide. Now everyone can afford to enjoy an architecturally designed home that’s has an elegant outlook, fully customizable and resilient against typhoons, strong winds and earthquakes up to intensity eight. Our modular prefab homes are perfect for permanent or holiday living and fully transportable so it can be totally relocated.

Our Products

Pre-fabricated housing system uses sturdy steel framing and EPS panel boards which have undergone vigorous testing and are certified to be more resilient against typhoons, strong winds and earthquakes up to intensity eight.

In advance countries in Europe and Asia, where the direction is towards building vertical accommodations to minimize use of space to growing populations and other infrastructures, the trend is applying state of the art approaches such as pre-fabricated systems. Tests, structural and engineering data may be provided to ensure the timeliness, safety and resilience of our pre-fabricated products. Cost comparisons against the (CHB) method show savings of up to 50% percent, with variances according to design specs.

This system may be massed produced and erected at just a fraction of the time it takes to build CHB homes. With climate extremes, our families will be safer, more comfortable and above all, our homes are within the reach of families with limited means. We offer the most practical solution for the most prevalent problem of the 21st century. Namely, Shelter for the Masses!

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